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Larochette in 1777
Copy from Ferraris Atlas
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This is the genealogy site of Jean-Pierre Daniel GINTER et Andrée Vera WERSANT. The family tree that you find on this site contains primarily related to our family and other related more indirectly. The countries covered by the tree are especially Luxembourg, but some lines are also to France, Germany and Belgium.The tree data from personal research in parish registers and civil and population censuses, family archives, exchanges with family members, family trees published by other persons and information available on the Internet.

Access to detailed data on individuals and families applying for registration. You can request a user account on the login page.

For reasons of protection of privacy, this site does not contain information on persons deemed "alive".Despite our best efforts, it is not excluded that some errors remain. If you notice on the site data from a living person, please let us know so we can remove them. If you notice that a person is reported to be alive when you know that it is deceased, please let us know also.Access to data on individuals and families is restricted to authenticated users. Justified request, the family members can gain access into the data of living persons.

The information you provide will be used for recording the proper functioning of the site and its contents. They will not be used for other purposes or divulged.

The information published on this site are solely for private genealogical research. Reuse for commercial purposes is prohibited.

This site may contain information that is not necessarily complete, accurate or current. The author of this site will endeavor to correct errors that will be reported.Regarding links to other sites, the author has no control and therefore it assumes no responsibility.

Redange sur Attert

Redange-sur-Attert in 1777
Copy from Ferraris Atlas
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